Sunday, July 10, 2011

Conversation Blocks

I made these cute blocks a couple of months ago. I used Stampin'Up Newsprint DSP and the Broadsheet alphabet stamps. Love-love-love them so much. The wooden blocks were made by my Uncle David many years ago. I painted the blocks black and then cut the squares using my paper cutter. I used a varnish on each side after I finished adding all my stamped letters.
I started out with 14 blocks and had to figure out the words I wanted to spell out and any other holiday sayings I wanted to spell also. Then I stamped multiple letters and added the letters to different sides. That part took forever I must say.
It was an interesting project. I felt like I was creating a puzzle of sorts to try and come up with a lot of words. It's cute and I am able to spell Stampin'Up! and bzstampr to name a few.

I hope you like my block project. I think about my uncle, and the many talents he shared before he passed away, every time I look at them.

Well... it looks like we have a storm popping up. I better get off the 'ol computer and maybe read. Whoops... I hear thunder. geeze... better git!

Thanks again for taking the time to visit with me today.

Take care,

Mug rugs

This was my first attempt at making mug rugs. I took the quick way and didn't use traditional quilt binding. I used fusible fleece on the front and sewed right sides together and left an opening so I could turn it out. Then, I top stitched around outer edges and did a wonky stitch vertically and horizontally for my quilting. I cut the yellow stars on my Cricut Expression. I had to put Heat N Bond on the wrong side before I could cut them out. After fusing the star to the front piece of the mug rug, I zigzag stitched around it.
It was a quick project. They measure about 8"x10". I can't wait to make more because it was easy and fun. I even washed them to see how they would hold up. I wanted them to get "wrinkly" like an old quilt but they came out rather smooth.

I hope you like them.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog.


Coffee bean bag pillow

I'm still here....
I was afraid Blogger wasn't going to let me post something. It was giving me error messages. hum... what's up with that? Can't a lazy blogger be 'lazy'?

Look at this giant pillow. It has a 24"x24" pillow form inside. The front is an actual burlap coffee bag with the graphics on front. How cool is that? I thought it would be hard to sew but it wasn't as bad as a fuzzy shirt I made for my granddaughter one time. The back of the pillow is made from canvas. I bought a 6'x9' painter's canvas for about $10 and it's strong and I see a bunch of tote bags in its future.

The coffee bean bag was so smelly when I received it that I had to leave it outside for a week. Then I had to wash it with water and leave it outside a couple more days. That did it and it smelled like sunshine.

I had read some horror stories online about sewing the burlap but I had no trouble at all. I cut the burlap pieces with pinking shears and that was a little tough but not too bad. It really went together in less than an hour.

I like it ... how 'bout you?

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'll have more projects to post in just a little bit.

Have a great day!