Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Day 12 of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

What a cutie! This was the most difficult of the 12 tags for me to make. The roses were a challenge. I have to thank Tim for that because had I not followed his blog I wouldn't have tried making roses. I love how they turned out. I didn't have any grunge paper but I used two different card stocks. One was thicker than the other, but they worked equally well. I didn't have enough of the "blingie" gemstones to make the flourishes that I needed, so I used Stickles glitter glue and made little dots. I hope you can see them in the photo.
This was such a fun challenge for me. I think I'll now try to follow some other blog challenges to stretch my brain out of it's comfort zone. Woo-hoo!

If you've been following along with me I sure do appreciate it and I hope you've enjoyed it too.

I'm off to make a Birthday card for a friend and then out to dinner in her honor.
Have a great evening!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 11 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

Yeah!! I'm on the home stretch with my tags. This one was the easiest so far and I hope the one for tomorrow won't be too difficult for me. Woo-hoo!
I cut the cute deer our of white card stock and cut a 'shadow' from red card stock. I embossed the white deer with black flourishes then inked it up with red distressing ink from Ranger.
I stamped some very small images then colored and punched them out with a 1/2" circle punch. The I glued the image behind a clear stone that sort of magnified the image a little bit. Then the stones are glued in the middle of each Prima flower that I colored with my Copics.

I hope you are enjoying this journey with me. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to watch Harry Potter with hubby and granddaughter.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Day 10 of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

WOW! This one was a doozie! I just love it though. I was able to use a lot of my Copic markers on this tag. It also has heavy duty aluminum foil on it. I didn't have the things that Tim used, so as usual, I had to improvise. How cool is that?
I had to stamp each letter on some of Tim's grungeboard that I found at Hobby Lobby. I used my 40% off coupon and picked up a package of plain grungeboard sheets. It's a very thick flexible chipboard type material. It's sort of like a rubbery chipboard material. I had to cut each letter out with an X-acto knife. It took me about 45 minutes to stamp and cut each one out. Tim used die-cut grungeboard letters, but I improvised. I know he doesn't like to use a craft knife but I enjoy using one. I glued the letters to the tag, then glued the aluminum foil on top of all the letters on the tag. I had to gently smooth out the foil around each letter using a round end of a wooden stick thingie I have. (I have no idea what it's originally used for.) Then I colored each section with a Copic marker. I used a black one to trace around each letter for an antiqued look. I just stamped a snowflake and cut it with my knife. I glitterfied the snowflake but it's wet right now, so it probably doesn't show up well.
I think the tag turned out pretty cute. What do you think?

Well... I'm super tired and ready to call it a night. I sure do appreciate you stopping by my blog to see what I'm up too.

Have a great night and Happy Friday tomorrow!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Day 9 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

This tag just touches my heart. That's my granddaughter 10 years ago. I still call her 'baby-girl'. She'll never be too old for me to call her that. I love this picture of her. She loves Christmas so much. She loved Frosty very much at the time. She had to hug him everyday and talk to him. So sweet and precious! I treasure the memories.
So.. I guess you can tell I love this tag. It may not be just like Tim's but the idea is the same.
How sweet. I colored the metal items with my Copic marker. The film strip was one that I cut up. The little pictures are from Tim's Web-site. He gave us permission to use them. He has a film strip ribbon available for purchase, but I had to improvise. (It's been like a treasure hunt to see if I could find something in my craft house to use for my substitutions.)
Let me know what you think about my sweet little tag for day 9. Thanks again for stopping by my little blog.

Take care and have a great evening.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our cat...Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers came to live with us in September. He dropped by one day and wouldn't leave. So, we decided to keep him and took him to the vet and spent a small fortune to get him healthy and neutered. Poor baby has a right front paw that had been broken at some time in his little life (he's about one-year-old) that causes him to hold that leg up when he walks or runs. The doctor said it would never be better, but gave him a cortisone shot. We have since moved him into the house. Not exactly what we wanted to do, but we've fallen in love with him and treat him like a little kid. He's got it made. He lets us know when he wants to go out and guard the yard. He just sits around looking at everything, then he comes back in.
He doesn't bother the tree...but I did leave off the ornaments from the very bottom of the tree just in case.
He's getting fat and has gotten very frisky since his surgery in October. We thought it'd slow him down, but geeze... he likes to play hard and sleep hard. He makes this chirping sound (for lack of knowing what to call this sound) instead of meowing. It's so funny! He only meows when he wants to come back in the house from being cold. Cracks me up.
I thought I'd share the picture I made this morning of him under the tree. He was smelling of the presents but so far hasn't had much interest in them or the tree. He'd rather play with a little stuffed toy or my granddaughter's dirty sock.
So if you come visit us, you may have to walk over a dirty sock or a playful cat. He will grab your feet if he's wanting to play.
Do you have any idea what the 'chirping' sound is? I don't know how to explain it, it's not a purr, but this little sound from the inside. Crazy...

Gotta go now.... thanks so much for dropping by. Hope you are enjoying my 12 tags of Christmas. I think I'm going to make a display board to put them on. I better get on that tomorrow. Maybe I'll share it here.

Have a great evening!


My Day 8 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

Phew! I just finished cooking and eating the most wonderful pork chops. Yum-O! I'm not usually crazy about pork chops, but these turned out so tender. I marinated them with Italian dressing and cooked them on my griddle. Very good....

Okay... here's my Day 8 tag. Isn't it cute? I cut the lamp post on my Cricut Expression using white cardstock. I colored it with my Copic markers. Used a Martha Stewart punch for the greenery on the lamp post. The bells are stamped and I either had these very little ones or some that were just too big. The large key is an Angel Company stamp image colored with a gold marker. I attached a key charm to the larger key with a little brad. I used a piece of sheet music layered under the stamped images. I made the little red bow on the lamp post with my Bow Easy.

Let me know what you think about this tag and thanks so much for stopping by.

Take care,


Monday, December 7, 2009

My Day 7 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

This is my day 7 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas. Visit his blog here to see what it's all about. I know you've seen this Santa before, but he's so cute and the only vintage-looking one I have. It's hard to see the little metal tag in the picture, but it has "wish" debossed in the middle. It started out as a silver tag and I colored it with my Copic markers. It's cute, but just doesn't show up well in the picture.
Let me know what you think about my version of Tim's tags. I've made it this far so hopefully I'll make it to the last tag. woo-hoo!
I've had a super busy day so I'm off to rest a little. (My desk looks like a tornado hit it.) It's been a fun tornado though.
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great evening!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Day 6 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

This is my Day 6 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas. I must admit it was the easiest one so far for me. Visit his Web site here to see what it's all about.
I cut the tree out of green cardstock on my Cricut Expression and added some Aleene's glitter snow. The truck was printed from a graphics software package on my computer. I printed it on cardstock and colored the white areas of the truck with a gold marker. There's a red button added where the spare tire is located. (At least I think it was the spare tire.) I stamped the "Merry Christmas" and the flourish. The background is a page from an old book. I glued it down then tore the edges. I used Ranger Distress inks around the edges of the tag and also in the middle of the tag.
The metal charm was silver so I colored it with a dark brown Copic marker. It's attached to the ribbon with a little brass safety pin.
The tree is wrapped with twine to the top of the truck. The tree and truck are attached to the tag with foam dots.
This one was easy-peasy!
Let me know what you think about my tags so far. Sometime before Christmas... I've got to finish my Christmas cards.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you'll take the time to leave a little comment.

Have a great evening!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Day 5 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

Now this tag was a little more of a challenge than the others. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to create the ornaments.

I used clear acrylic and punched out the shape I needed on the first three ornaments (from left to right) then the one on the right is actually a rubber stamped image. I stamped my images on white cardstock then used Crystal Laquer to glue down the acrylic piece on top of the stamped piece. Then I stamped the top of the ornaments and cut them out and glued in place.

I couldn't find any of my wire to use to 'hang' the ornaments so I used embroidery floss. I think it looks okay. I discovered I don't own any green embossing powders (how did that happen?) except for the teal green I used for the pine boughs I stamped and embossed. No problem... I'm fairly happy with it. Everything else just fell in place after I finished the ornaments.

I cut the word 'greetings' out with my Cricut Expression. Now that is one gizmo that I've really enjoyed since receiving it last Christmas. There's just no end to what you can do with it.

Let me know what you think of my tags. I'm just excited that I've made it this far.

It's been fun and I've lost track of time as I've spent my day in my little Craft House. If I had put a bathroom in here when we built it... I'd never have to go in the 'big' house. (Well... I would have to go get snacks.)

I do hope you are enjoying following along with me on the 12 tags of Christmas project. Visit Tim's Web site here. The more comments he receives, the more prizes he will give away. I'm trying my best to win something.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Let me know if you like my tags.

take care,


My Day 4 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

So here's my Day 4 tag of Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas. How do you like it? It wasn't as hard as I was expecting. I had to do some serious substituting for things Tim used that I didn't have.
That's been the fun part of this project to me. Going through my 'stash' of goodies and seeing what I haven't looked at in a while.
I used an assortment of different stamps for the background. On some of the stamps I just colored in the portion with markers that I wanted to use. Isn't that neat? I've always heard of doing that, I just never tried it. It makes you look at your stamps in a whole new way.
The large pin holding the framed wreath was bright silver before I colored it with my Copic markers (after I did some sanding on it.) I wanted to take away the shine of the silver so I could get a dull bronze finish. Maybe it looks okay. The little star was a silver charm and I also colored it with a Copic marker. Gotta love those alcohol markers. Just give it a few minutes and it's dry.
Hang in there with me... I've got tag 5 coming up next. WOO-HOO!

As always, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visiting my blog.

Have a great evening!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

My "Day 3 Tag" for Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas

Oh my goodness! I've made it to day 3 of Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas. I'm not so sure about my tags for today's project but I did what I could with what I had.

Let me know what you think about my 'plaid' tags for day 3.

We're off to see Scarlett singing in a Christmas Choir program. She loves to sing and we love to hear her belting it out.

Have a great evening and thanks so much for stopping by.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Day 1 and 2 of Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas

This is a first for me. I don't usually follow along on any of the challenges I see on-line (too lazy) but I just love the tags Tim makes at Christmas. So... I'm going to try and follow along and make one each day.
I made the first one yesterday but the tag was wet last night and I was too tired to make a picture.
I'm substituting when I don't have the same products Tim uses. (I just gotta order some of his goodies.) I have some, but not everything he uses. No matter... it's fun to see what I can come up with.
So let me know what you think about my tags.
The Snowman tag is my DAY 1 tag.....
The Christmas tag is my DAY 2 tag......

Do you think I can do it? Life keeps me busy but I'm going to give it a try. Hang on to your keyboard... it may get crazy. (I haven't even finished my Christmas cards yet.)

Thanks so much for stopping by and let's see how I do with this cool project.

Please visit Tim's blog here and leave a comment. The more comments he receives the more prizes he'll give away. How fun is that!
Oh... and I'd love for you to leave a little love for me on my blog...maybe it'd encourage me to blog more often.

Have a great Thursday!