Monday, June 29, 2009

Dream Craft House Inside Update

See the cute flowers in the old rusty milk can. I've had that milk can for maybe 20 years. It's so heavy, it's hard to move around. Yeah... check out that cable wire going across the front. The cable guy came today and ran that line to hook up my computer. I love having the computer in the craft house now.

I hope you're ready for a visit inside my craft house. I've been busy making curtains today and hanging them on the curtain rods that took me forever to put up. I'm getting pretty good at using a cordless drill.
Here ya go... come on it and see what I've done today. This is the computer center just to the left of the entrance. The red skirt is what I made yesterday.
This is just a different view of the computer center. My Cricut Expression is on the left of the table. I wanted it close to the computer so I can use the Design software that can be used with the Cricut. (That's a whole other story.) Let's put it this way.... I don't know how to use it very well, but I'm learning.Next picture is just panning from the left on around the room. The metal file cabinet was a great find for $20 at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. The antique sewing machine is from a friend who is another 'great find.' (Thanks Deirdre!)
This wonderful spot is my fun zone! There's the $30 desk from the Re-Store. This is Scarlett's fun zone. She's got a bunch of beautiful cards to hang on her bulletin board. She doesn't know the refrigerator is in here. It's a gift from some dear friends. It's holding some bottled water for now. (Thanks Jim and Rita!)
Okay.. I've taken you in a full circle around the room. What do you think about it? Don't you think it's just a cool creative space? I know I'm ready to start stamping. How do you like that skirt around the center work table? Can you see the little curtain rods that hold the skirts? They were just about $3 each.
Okay... one more view. This is from my desk looking at the television and the door. (Yep... I really hung that television up myself.) No easy task but I figured it out.
Now... what do you think of my wonky curtains? There was no sewing involved. I was just too tired to sew anything else. It's about three yards just draped over the rod. Looks okay to me. I bought way too much red fabric so I thought this would be a good way to use it up.

I sure hope you've enjoyed the tour. The next journey has just begun. I feel my mojo calling out.... it's saying "It's crafting time!"
Thanks so much to everyone that has shown an interest in my journey. Stay with me and you'll see what happens next.
Thanks for visiting and have a great night!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 19-21

(First picture) is a combination of day 19-21. The three days involved getting the plumbing finished on my sink, putting the metal roof on the porch, adding the gutters and finally the under-pinning of the white plastic lattice work. I can't begin to tell you how happy and excited I am to finally be moving in. It's like Santa just arrived and gave me a dream Christmas!

(I added flowers to the milk can yesterday.)

(Second picture) This long table is what Scarlett and I used to work on in the old craft room. I had the short end and half of the long end. She sat to my left as we worked (played) side by side. It now sits to the left just as you walk in the door of the new craft house. We'll move the computer there just as soon as the cable company comes and moves the line tomorrow. Today I made a skirt to hang under the desk that covers the front edges. (To hide more crafting goodies.)I've got to make one more for the end near the door. I'm using tension rods that hang between the 2x4 legs to hold the skirts. I had the same system in the old craft room, but now I have a new color of fabric. I'll show pictures when it's all done. :-)

Third picture is of a metal cabinet my mother gave me about 10 years ago. She used it for maybe 25-30 years in the insurance business she owned. It was an ugly dark green and I painted it up way back then. It has a ton of scratches on it and we broke something on it when we moved it into the new craft house. I don't think it did too much damage though. (My mother wasn't too wild about me painting it since it was an antique.) It is a constant source of joy every time I look at it or get a stamp out of it. It holds two layers of stamps in each of the drawers. Today I cleaned out one drawer to hold extra ink pads. I'm going to have to move some more stamps to make room for newer stamps. I wanted the cabinet close to me so I could have easy access to the stamps. (Scarlett did too!) My Stampin'UP! stamp pads are on the top right of the cabinet with my Sizzix Die Cutter and dies on the left and center. (Not that you care what I have on the top.) ;-)

Scarlett's bulletin board looks black in the picture, but it's black with pink dots. I hung mine up today on the other side. It's black with little red cherries on it. (Mary Englebreit fabric.) I love her fun and whimsical designs so much!

Last but not least... fourth picture... is just as you walk in the door. I'm so loving my work table that's in the center of the room. Oh my goodness.. to be able to cut fabric without bending over a little counter top is just wonderful! I've glued a tape measure on one long side and it's just perfect. (Only gave $30 for the table and $30 for each desk at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.) I thought that was a good price and I wanted to buy used items as much as possible. I love to re-purpose as much as I can. Scarlett and I painted the top of the work table white to give it a clean look.

Yesterday and today I managed to install (myself) a television on the wall, mini-blinds on each window, made skirts for the work table (I hung curtain rods just underneath the top of the table running from leg to leg to hold skirts) and the long L-shaped computer table. Made skirts for my desk and Scarlett's. Her fabric matches her bulletin board. (My fabric is another Mary Englebreit print.) I've emptied all boxes and put away nearly everything. I'll show pictures when I'm done with everything. I've got to make the curtains next and I wanted something wonky... but am too tired to be creative about it.

Oh... talk about being spoiled. Good friends of ours gave me an old small (three cubic feet) Kenmore refrigerator to use in the craft house. It's so cute! It's a brown tone that goes along with the dark wooden desks. It has a little freezer and 3 shelves. Just a little cleaning with bleach and it's humming away. It even has a little produce drawer. (I guess that's what it is... I don't really know. It's just a drawer.) Good friends are the best collectibles... don't you agree?

Scarlett managed to get a lot of card making done Friday and Saturday. She is having a great time working at her own desk. She just loves it so much! We're making new memories to cherish for a lifetime! Oh... and I put up the shelves up next to me and and next to Scarlett, and I put up my bulletin board today also. (But I think I said that already.) When I say I'm tired.... whew.... I'm tired! My body is crying out in pain. My typing is probably all scrambled up. I hope I make a little bit of sense though. (Okay... phew... now I'm back after my computer froze up. It's in need of a trip to the computer doctor for a tune-up.)
Okay... now that I've said way more than you probably wanted to know... I just want to say thank you for hanging in there with me on this wonderful journey of my dream come true. I still have to pinch myself to believe that it's true. I'll share more pictures as soon as I get finished with my sewing. (New rubber stamps have been calling my name for a week now. They're just sitting there waiting on me to get finished with the sewing projects.)

Thanks so much for visiting and reading this far. I hope you've enjoyed the journey with me.

Please come back and stay a spell!

Have a great week!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 19-20

Okay... I waited too late to make a picture of the outside of the craft house and the inside is a big mess. It'll be better tomorrow. But.... the metal roofing is on the porch and most of the gutters are up. The baseboards are done and the vanity/sink is in. The plumbing isn't completed but will be tomorrow. OH.... and I have a door knob. Whoo-hoo! It's just wonderfu!

Scarlett and I did a ton of heavy lifting and moving today. I haven't even moved all my junk and I'm thinking I've got way too much stuff. Geeze! The now retired craft room still has a TON of stuff that I'll just have to filter through. Maybe I should have purged more than I have already.

My sweet hubby bought me a television tonight to put in the craft house. It won't be hooked up until tomorrow. That's going to be so cool.

Thanks so much for sharing this fun and happy journey with me! I know I'm a super lucky gal!

Have a great night and thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 18

Hey... come on in...... did you close the door? The flies are just terrible today. What's up with them?

You get a real "Snippet" today. Hum... not too much showing in the picture today except something wonderful! What do you think all those other things are in the pic? Well for one thing the floor is just beautiful. The baseboards are not in yet, but that will be done tomorrow.

I called the builder to see if it was okay to start moving in some things. Oh my gosh... I am soooo tired and my back is killing me. With the help of my grandson and his girlfriend we moved most of the heavy things in there. I must say I am the proud owner of a pallet dolly. Whoo-hoo! Nope... it's not a doll sitting on a pallet. It's the coolest thingie for moving heavy items. Kinda like a carpeted frame on wheels. It'll save your back for sure. It was only $24.98 at Lowe's. I tried to find one to rent, but no one I called rents them out. geeze....

Then Scarlett and I moved everything to where we wanted it to be. I nearly cried it was so wonderful! There we were like usual.... just me and Scarlett in our craft room. She was so precious telling me how wonderful and special the room and her desk was to her. She said she was so happy she couldn't believe it. I just know we are in for some great times!

I can't wait to have everyone visit my completed craft house. I have a ton of sewing, curtains, table skirts, to do but that will come later. OH.. I just can't wait for you to see it.

Thanks so much for visiting and let me know what you think so far. Have you had fun following my journey or are you bored to tears? I promise I'll get some cards up as soon as the move is done. Whoo-hoo!

C ya!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 15-17

Day 15 was this past Thursday (6-18-09) and there was only two workers the whole week. They finished painting the outside and added the trim to the inside and finished out the windows. The lights were added on Friday and touch-ups made to the sheetrock.

Scarlett likes the porch but she didn't want to wave at me. She's pre-teen and just wants to be cool!

Scarlett and I went swimming after I got off work today. I have to say the water was a warm 90 degrees. That's what you get on a southern summer day! It was still nice. We played in the water by me pulling Scarlett as she floated on a tube. I guess I was the horse....

I can't believe my cute little porch is here. It's just soooo cute! I love it! Scarlett loves it too. We had to sit on the porch and test it out today. It faces the west and the trees manage to block the sun so I expect it to be pleasant to sit there while we read or cook out. It measures four feet out from the house and 15 feet left to right. The house is 21.5' long with an eight foot ceiling. Dark green metal roofing will go on the porch to match the roof on the house. Won't that be so cute?

Scarlett helped get the old craft room torn down. It's been taking days to pack up everything. Tonight we took the rolling carts out from under the L-shaped work table and cleaned it off. It's going to be a doozie to take apart... I think. Now that it's cleaned off I'm thinking I may be able to take it apart. Some great friends that I used to work with put it together for me and for some reason I didn't watch.
The laminate floor is possibly going down tomorrow and hopefully the roof on the porch. Then all that's left to do are two gutters and some underpinning, the sink and some shelves to be built. What a wonderful journey. The last time I had anything to do with a new building... I was six years old. My parents built a house when I was in the first grade. It was so exciting to see what was accomplished every day.
Okay... I hope this post wasn't too long winded and I sure hope you are enjoying the journey with me. I can't wait to show you the inside after it gets filled up with the fun stuff. Whoo-hoo! I am truly grateful and so fortunate to have such a blessed life. (Thanks babe!)
Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. I really appreciate it.
Have a great week and come back and sit a spell when you can.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 14

It may be hard to tell but the outside of the building is painted. He's not done... there's detail work to be done. I may paint the door dark green to match the ones on our house. I haven't decided yet...

The worker bees will sand the sheet rock tomorrow and I hope they'll get to paint the inside, but I don't know.

Scarlett and I made large paper templates to match the size of our desks. We put them on the floor and she wanted to take a chair out there to see how much room she'd have. I think she's pretty excited about having her own desk to craft at.

I took her swimming again today. She would live in the water if she could. I stumped my toe on the cement edge of the pool as I was getting out and didn't realize how bad it hurt until I put on some shoes. geeze... then when I got home.....

I dropped a heavy drinking glass on the kitchen counter today and it just exploded all over the place. Some went into my hair and all over the kitchen. So I had the pleasure of getting that mess up and cleaning the heck out of the counters and floor to be sure there was no glass left.
I managed to find some on the window sill after all was said and done. I just don't want anyone to get cut.

Just a Snippet in a day of my life....

Hope you enjoy my journey!

Thanks for visiting.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 13

Look at this... we have walls, a ceiling and lights! It may just be lights for working but it's lights.

I flipped the switch so I could take my pix and it was soooo cool to see the house coming to life.

I waited until it got a little cooler hoping that my camera lens wouldn't fog up, but it still did. So... I cleaned the lens fast and snapped the picture faster!

I have to say... it's the strangest feeling to turn the lights on and look inside my sweet little craft house. There's air conditioning in there and soon there will be a covered porch. I hope I'm moving in before the end of next week. How fun is that! Boy... I'll really see how much 'stuff' I have then. What a wonderful dream come true! I feel like the most blessed girl in the world right now. Hey... dreams CAN come true!

I took my granddaughter swimming again today. She loves it and told me she had fun today. It was no different than any other day she just said she had fun.

Have a great day and thanks so much for visiting!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 12

WOW! I can't believe how fast the house seems to be coming along. The electricity is on and the air conditioner is in. The insulation is in with extra in the ceiling. When you're in the house it just seems to be tight and well insulated. Plus it was nice and cool in there today. I'm about to bust I'm so excited!!

The builder said he thought he'd be done one day next week. Oh... I just have to pinch myself to be sure it's really happening. (Thanks babe!) I love you (and the Craft House).

I've made more cards but haven't made pictures yet. I'll get to it soon.....

I took granddaughter to a discount store to buy a few little shirts that she liked today and then took her swimming at a friends pool.

That's about it for us today!

Thanks so much for visiting..... I sure hope you are enjoying the journey with me.

Take care,


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 11

This is Saturday morning, but the pix are from yesterday which was day 11 on the craft house.

It may be hard to tell in the photos but the siding is up on all sides. The electrical wires are installed. The inside photos show the back of the building. My corner will be to the left and Scarlett's will be to the right. Our backs will be to the back wall with two larges desks to work from. Mine is about 5'x6' on top and hers is 5.5'x6'. Geeze... that's huge ... but exactly what we needed. Quadruple more workspace than we had before. How fun is that!
I'm going to put shelves on the walls to our sides and there will be an antique metal literature cabinet under the window between us holding the bulk of my stamps. I can't wait to show you the pix of everything when it's done. I ran out of room a long time ago to store stamps and it's still a challenge today. I'll be having some shelves built that will go on the right side wall just as you walk in. Then there will be a sink about in the center of the right side wall.

It was so hot while I tried to make the photos my camera lens kept fogging up. Hopefully you can see what's going on.
We had an exciting morning on Thursday morning... around 2 a.m. the sheriff's deputies rang our door bell to tell us someone had set our trash can (the large rolling kind the city provides) on fire. It was a mess! One of our neighbors saw a car sitting in the street for about 30 minutes and then they threw something in the trash can and it blazed up. Talk about nerve wracking... I nearly had a heart attack. I just knew something had happened to someone in our family. Thank goodness it was just a trash can. I'll take that any day of the week. My husband asked the deputy why would someone do that and he said we were not the only victims that night, there were others. geeze.... now the melted trash can is stuck to the driveway and pavement and won't come up with a shovel. We're hoping there's a solution to getting that heap of plastic off the ground. I just thought I'd share this snippet of my life with you today.
Now that I've babbled too long I just want to say thanks for visiting. I hope you are enjoying this journey with my dream come true.
Have a great weekend, I'm off to Georgia to see my mother.
take care,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 10

WOW! I can't believe it's been 10 days since the start of my cute little craft house. I type the words, I walk in the building, but I still can't believe it. It truly is a dream come true in the making.

I do hope you enjoy the journey with me.

We had some very heavy rain storms starting at lunch time. The workers had already finished for the day. They managed to get the metal roof (dark green) installed, and put up some siding on a few outside walls. It's just so exciting! I've never had anything new like this in my life ( or anything old for that matter).

It was hard to take a picture because the humidity was so high. The camera lens kept fogging up, so I worked fast.

Hope you are having a great evening. Please leave a comment if you are enjoying the journey of my Dream come true or if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for visiting!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 9

I'm not sure what this is called around the roof line but it's just beautiful!
After I took Scarlett swimming at a friends pool, she and I washed windows in the craft house today. She had to hold the ladder for me to wash the one at the back of the house.

It looks as though the spraying of the ants yesterday really helped. I didn't see but one or two today. Woo-hoo!

How fun it was to dream today that my little craft house was really taking place. I'm so happy I could bust! I have my hubby to thank for this. He's the best!
Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dream Craft House update Day 8

The little craft house looks so cute today with its door and three windows. I'm not sure what's next... I think the siding and insulation. That will be so neat to see the siding go up and then painted to match our home. I still can't believe this is happening. Maybe I will when I move all the tons of stuff I have into the craft house. I guess it's a good thing I've been craft room cleaning.

How fun! I just love seeing what's been completed everyday.
I just had to spray around the inside of the building for ants. I used half the can of spray. We seem to have an abundance of the little critters lately. Maybe the spray will soak into the wood and keep them away forever. One can hope.....

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Fabulous Friend

This card just goes to show that a stamp doesn't have to be new to be beautiful! This flower looks like an orchid to me, but I'm flower stupid and my grandmother was a florist for 30 years! (Go figure!)
The flower image was an unmounted stamp that I bought at a stamp convention many years ago. It was on a table marked "pound of rubber" and that's exactly how you paid for it... by the pound. No wonder my back was hurting before I left the convention... I couldn't hold all the stamps I had purchased. Much less... you had to buy the blocks of wood to mount them on. I still have a few of those wood blocks left to this day. I was so excited I bought the stamps, then the blocks then walked the show. Was I ever hurting (but sooo happy) by the time I left for the day.

I colored everything with my new Copic markers that I'm still learning how to use. They're pretty cool I must say! The designer scrapbook paper, the sentiment and the scalloped oval punch are Stampin'UP! I used a green die-cut I made on my Cricut Expressions to layer the flower on. So easy... just set it to the size you want and let it go. I attached the die cut, flower and sentiment with pop-dots. The beautiful green ribbon was a gift with one of my orders from Ellen has wonderful customer service and has been helpful and responsive when I've had questions.

Okay... that's it for a Monday. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

Take care and thanks for visiting!


Chicks flew the coop

I don't know if they really flew the coop but the chicks look like they're going someplace. I used my Dee Gruenig "Mini Kitchen Set" available from and colored directly onto the stamp. I colored each chick then tapped onto "inked" stamp with another color to get the spotted look. The white chicken only has the tapping for its body color.

Now below is the inside of the card. I kept it super simple and I'll probably go back and rub the teal ink pad around all edges of the card interior, but so far it's simple.
The sentiment on the front of the card and the one on the inside are all on one stamp. I just colored the top portion I wanted for the front, cleaned the stamp and colored the bottom portion to use inside. You get a lot more use from a stamp if you can use it more ways than one. The sentiment is from Dee Gruenig ATC Stamps Set 2 available from

I haven't written up all the instructions for this card yet, so if you have any questions about what I used, please send me an e-mail.

Thanks so much for visiting!


Dream Craft House update day 7

We have a roof. Woo-hoo! It's just soooo beautiful!! I love it so much! (Thank you so much babe!) Isn't it the cutest thing?

The workers bees will have a good week with no rain (I hope) to get a lot more work done. The metal roofing will be ordered, the siding will go up, and the windows installed. It's really happening and I still can't believe it. What a dream come true.

I sure hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Thanks so much for visiting and have a great week!

(Next up.. some cards I made yesterday)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dream Craft House update

Since it rained on Friday, the builder and one worker-bee came and put up the OSB on the walls and some beams across the top on Saturday. Any hooo... I think it's coming along pretty fast. I sure do love it. It's so much fun to walk around inside the building and pretend where everything is going to be placed.
My husband and I walked around inspecting everything last evening and it's still hard to believe it's happening. I'm so blessed in more ways than one.

Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Take care and thanks for visiting!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dream Craft House update

Yesterday was Day 5 on the craft house and was a wash-out due to rain. Oh well... they did have some lumber delivered.

Now.... today is Day 6 and Saturday, and the builder and one worker-bee started bright and early, (7 a.m.) putting up the wood panels on the outer walls. Woo-hoo! They are trying to get work done while it's not too hot outside. It was mid-60's this morning. Perfect day!
(Pix will follow after worker-bees leave.)

Scarlett and I worked for four hours in my craft room going through old stuff to see what can be thrown away. It was a very painful experience I must say. I had a VERY hard time parting with some of the things that I've hoarded for a few years now. No tools or things like that. Just containers I was saving for future projects, or maybe a ton of old labels and rolls of paper. Some of these items were from where I used to work.

I worked 26 years for a large volume printing company that would throw away tons of paper after a print job was over. Back then the company printed a lot of clothing, furniture and all types of tags that you see hanging on products in the store. We always had some cool paper left over from the jobs. If I was lucky, the paper-mover (a sweet man) would save it for me. Then I'd get it cut to 8.5x11 or 7x10 and share it with other stampers in the office. Us girls had a stash to die for. We were very fortunate that our bosses didn't care that we recycled the paper for our own use.

Then I was extra lucky in that the sales reps for the paper companies would give me their expired "sample" boxes of paper. Oh me... these had the coolest colors and textures that you'd ever want. So I would share that with all my stamping buddies. We were a spoiled lot of girls. Needless to say, I still have a LOT of this paper. Most of it is acid free and kept out light as much as possible. I did part with some of the old label material I had. I've even donated tons of it to the school my granddaughter goes to, daycare centers and friends that want to start stamping.

So sorry to digress.... geeze... just thought I'd give you some "background story" reading material. Probably not too interesting huh?

Also yesterday, Scarlett and I covered two cork boards with fabric to use in the new craft house. They each turned out beautiful. We hung our latest cards on them. I'll show pix of those later. I didn't even feel good yesterday and the last few days, just super tired. I forged ahead with my high-energy granddaughter and got a lot done.

Stay tuned for craft house pix later today. WOO-HOO! (I just have to do that!)

have a great weekend and again... Thanks for visiting!


Birthday card

This is a cute little birthday card I made for a Design Team project for Sunday International. I just went kinda crazy with the grid background stamp from the ATC Stamps Set 2.
This may not be on the Sunday International website yet so here are the instructions.

STAMPS: Dee Gruenig’s ATC Stamps Set 2 (SI)
PAPER: Die cut ATC envelope (SI), Whisper White card stock (Stampin’UP!) purple and orange card stock (my stash)
INK: Dee Gruenig Signature Series Marvy markers and Marvy Blending Blox, assorted colors (SI)
ACCESSORIES: Pink Offray ribbon, Cricut Expression die cutting machine, pop-dots, glue runner, Exact-O knife, scissors, ruler, corner rounder, paper piercing tool, ruby colored glitter glue, mini-brads (Stampin’UP!), yellow mini-flower brads (my stash)

1. Using Sunrise Blending Blox, rub stamp pad directly onto die-cut envelope to create a striped pattern
2. Using Marvy markers and ruler, draw lines on envelope to create a plaid pattern in shades of pinks, purple and dark blue, assemble envelope
3. Cut ATC card to 3.5x2.5, round each corner, stamp kimono, flowers, sentiment, gridline and symbol images, color in the details on kimono, punch holes in top two corners of ATC
4. Cut 8” length of narrow pink ribbon, punch holes 1” from ends using paper piercing tool, attach ribbon into the top two holes on ATC with mini-flower brads, set aside for now
5. Stamp JOY on small piece of white cardstock, (to fit front of envelope), use purple marker to color edge of cardstock, attach green mini brads to top and bottom corners on right side, cut scallop border on Cricut Expression using pale orange cardstock, , trim off two scallops so it will fit white cardstock piece, use paper piercer to punch holes around the scalloped edge for stitched effect, layer the scallop border piece onto left edge of white cardstock piece
6. Cut purple scalloped round shape, attach to lower right edge of envelope
7. Stamp fan image and fold accordion style to create fan, put glitter glue on dots of fan handle, attach to purple die cut with pop-dots
8. Stamp grid image at an angle on folded card front, stamp flower border around four edges of card front
9. Attach the finished envelope, at an angle to front of card with pop-dots , insert the finished ATC into the envelope exposing the yellow flower brads
10. Stamp sentiment inside of card, stamp dragonfly image randomly from bottom to top inside of card, create stamped border to frame sentiment
If you have any questions let me know.... as always thanks so much for visiting!
You may not be able to tell it in the photos, but the darker pink plaid you see if the little ATC envelope folded up to be a pocket. The second photo is the ATC removed from the pocket, to show detail.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dream Craft House update

Thursday was day four and we are still impressed at the speed at which the guys are working. It's one man and two of his nephews. I call them worker bees.

Scarlett, my granddaughter, took her drawn floor plan (on graph paper) to the building and marked off little lines where everything should go. She wanted to see if her drawing was accurate. She was so excited to show me there was room for everything. How funny!

It rained later in the evening, but I don't think it hurt anything. I can't wait to see what happens today. Everyday when I get home, Scarlett and I run out there to check things out. Whoo-hoo! It's still hard for me to believe it's happening. I continue to live a blessed life.

Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to visit.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exciting Things at Sunday International

You've just got to go over and visit and check out Dee Gruenig's new releases. This is from my Sunday International newsletter.

(Its finally here! The first release of Dee's ATC sized stamp sets are now available to order. There are four new stamp sets available to purchase, unmounted or mounted, on EZMount and ready to use. As a special introductory offer, we are offering free shipping to retail customers when you purchase two or more of these great new sets! Please enter coupon code "NEWATC" during checkout. )

Now... check out the cute little ATCs that I made using my Junior Jungle set. It's just too cute for words! I just loved stamping with it and laughing at what I could do with these images. It comes with 24 stamps and can be used for so many other things.

Here's the how-to for each one... and thanks so much for visiting!


STAMPS: Dee Gruenig’s Junior Jungle ATC Set (SI)
PAPER: Whisper White card stock (Stampin’UP!), natural kraft cardstock (my stash)
INK: Dee Gruenig Signature Series Marvy markers (SI)
ACCESSORIES: Post-it note, black ink pen, white marker, StarLightz glitter gel pens (Wal-Mart), pop-dots, cloud template (my stash), hole punch, white glue, glue runner, cosmetic sponge

1. Cut white cardstock to 3-1/4” x 2-1/4”, Cut natural kraft cardstock 3-1/2” x 2-1/2”
2. Color light blue marker onto a plastic surface (I use my acrylic blocks), use dampened cosmetic sponge to pick up the color, add marker to sponge if necessary to get darker sky color
3. Use cloud template to sponge a sky, move template around to achieve desired look
4. Use torn Post-it note to make sand line for shoreline, and use Post-it note to cover sky, use blue marker to make the ocean
5. Color then stamp palm tree onto left side of image, Stamp fern on left side and leaves on right side
6. Stamp each image on scrap paper, cut out each one and attach using pop-dots, use white glue on the flower, mosquito and fern, curl the alligator tail and palm leaves out with your fingernail for added dimension
7. Punch a round yellow colored circle, cut in half, attach with pop dot in center of blue skyline at waters edge
8. Use white marker to make white marks in water and at waters edge
9. Use glitter gel pens to add yellow lines on round edge of sun and in water beneath the sun
10. Attach the completed image to natural kraft stock, write message with black ink pen

Jungle ATC

STAMPS: Dee Gruenig’s Junior Jungle ATC (SI), Tiny Dot Letters alphabet stamps (Hero Arts)
PAPER: Whisper White card stock (Stampin’UP!), natural kraft cardstock (my stash)
INK: Dee Gruenig Signature Series Marvy markers (SI), Distress Ink Pads-Ranger (SI)
ACCESSORIES: Pop-dots, sponge, glue runner, scalloped oval punch Stampin’UP!

1. Cut white cardstock to 3-1/4” x 2-1/4”, Cut natural kraft cardstock 3-1/2” x 2-1/2”
2. Use sponge and two shades of Distress Ink to create background
3. Stamp fern image around sides and top of white cardstock
4. Color and stamp animal and flower images onto scrap cardstock, add extra color onto leopard, after stamped, for shading (Shading on little cat was done on the stamp)
5. Attach all images with pop-dots
6. Use marker to make dots for the ground under the animal’s feet
7. Punch oval shape and stamp desired sentiment, attach with pop-dots
8. Attach completed design onto natural kraft stock

These were really easy and a lot of fun. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Stamping is a lot of fun to do and share!

NEXT UP.....

A fun little birthday card made with the Junior Jungle ATC set. Check it out...

Jungle Birthday Card

STAMPS: Dee Gruenig’s Junior Jungle ATC, ATC Stamps Set 2 (SI)
PAPER: Whisper White card stock (Stampin’UP!), Dark blue, light green and black cardstock (from my stash)
INK: Dee Gruenig Signature Series Marvy markers, assorted colors (SI), Marvy Blending Blox (SI), White Brilliance pigment ink pad in Moonlight White
ACCESSORIES: Stampin’ Pastels, Stampin’ UP!, small pom-poms, small green brads, paper cutter, Exacto knife, soft paint brush, glue stick, white eraser, 1/6” hole-punch, pop-dots

1. Cut black card panel to size 4-1/4” x 2-3/4”
2. Stamp palm tree, small and large monkey and elephant in white pigment ink, let dry for a few minutes
3. Color with pom-poms and chalk in desired colors, adding highlights with light and dark chalk colors
4. Brush excess chalk away with soft paint brush, then use white eraser to clean up the edges of colored images
5. Use green chalk to color the ground to anchor the animals
6. Layer the black panel onto light green, then onto dark blue cardstock
7. Use Blending Blox Shades of Caribbean to rub color around all four edges of card
8. Attach the layered panel onto white top folded card base
9. Cut small piece of light green cardstock, Stamp Happy Birthday using Shades of Caribbean, also ink edges of stamped piece
10. Punch 1/6” holes on each end of stamped piece, put green brad in each hole, attach to card bottom with pop-dots

That's it for now. Again, I just want to say thank-you for stopping by and taking the time to read about me and my projects.

Have a Great Day!


Dream Craft House

Dream Craft House

Wow… I know I’ve been away too long. I’m getting back on the blogging train and hope to write about a dream come true.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to get to have a craft house built in our backyard. It’s something I’ve dreamed of for many, many years. I really never thought we’d be building a little house (more like a room) so I’m just on cloud nine right now. I do thank God everyday for the many blessings that are in my life.

So… check out the pix and you’ll see my backyard before the digging started. Yep… we have a pretty small back yard with a steep hill at the back of it. Hey, I’ll take it where I can get it! Just after three days we’ve got the foundation and sub-floor (if that’s what it’s called). We’ve had so much rain for the past month, I don’t want another drought, but I do hope the guys can have more dry days so they can work.

I’ll do my best to keep a record of how things are coming along including the move-in. Phew… that will be a job. I’ve got a room that’s busting at the seams with stuff, so I’ve got to do some major cleaning out and see if I can part with anything.

I jumped the gun and bought two desks, a work table, and a wide file cabinet from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at wonderful prices, but I bought them three weeks ago. Geeze… they’re under my carport just waiting for their new home. One desk is for my granddaughter and one for me. She and I painted the top of the work table white.

My granddaughter has been busy drawing floor plans where she thinks everything should go. She’s a hoot and having a great time watching the progress. She’s in the photos and loves posing for the camera.

I hope you’ll enjoy going along on the journey of a dream-come-true in my life. If you’ve got any ideas about organization please send them my way. I’m just so confused about what I want… shelves or cabinets or carts… oh my! I really don’t know what I should do.
If you’ve read this far you’re just the best… and I truly appreciate it.

Now stay tuned for some pix of my recent stamping adventures!