Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally Got A Name

July 3rd will be the one-year anniversary of my sweet little craft house. I kept waiting on a name to present itself to me. Ya know... I had to feel it.
I had felt bad about tearing up my and Scarlett's little strawberry patch (that was producing berries) in order to build the craft house, so I thought it would be nice to honor it by naming the craft house .........................
I've totally lost my touch on painting and I just couldn't get it back yesterday when I was working on this canvas. I was a sign-painter for about 18 years but it's been YEARS since I've lettered anything. I remembered how to letter, but was very rusty. I was trying for a vintage sign and hopefully this fits the bill.
Let me know what you think of my little craft house name and sign.

Hey... just for you Jo! I really miss you girlfriend, but I know you are having a blast being retired.

Happiness always blooms in the Strawberry Studio!

Thanks for stopping by!



Diana said...

Very cute, thank you for sharing. Following through SC. Good Luck and God Bless.


Peace Love and Scrappyness said...

I can't believe you call that rusty! I love it! Cute name too!!

Gloria Cardoza said...

Love your blog. Naming your craft house in memory of the long gone patch is a great idea. The sign looks good to me. I came by from SC