Monday, August 3, 2009

Dream Craft House Updated Door

A couple of weeks ago I decided to paint the door on my craft house green. The doors on our home are the same green, but on this one I decided to leave the panels at the bottom, and the window trim, white. I think it looks so cute and really sets off the house. What do you think?
It took me forever to decide if I wanted the door green or not. I was wanting clean lines but I wasn't crazy about the white door. I already had scuff marks from moving in. Now I'm glad I went with the decision to paint it green.

I also wanted you to see just how close my craft house is to our house. It's an easy hop out our back door to go to the crafty zone. I just need to remember to turn on the outdoor light on our house because I forget and stay way past dark crafting and one time couldn't see to get back to the house without feeling my way. Geeze...

Now... what do you think about my shelves? My builder didn't make it back to build my shelves so I bought these utility metal shelves. I had been wanting to check them out and I'm glad I have them now. They are 14.5" deep and hold up to 350 pounds of distributed weight. I'm sure I can overload them in a heartbeat! The baskets on top are old and so far they are empty. The funky little shelving in the middle is something my husband found in the trash at a store and brought home to me many years ago. It was a rack that held merchandise that had slotted holes that went onto each prong. (For lack of knowing what tha heck you call them.) The plastic baskets came from the Dollar Tree and they just sit on the 'prongs' to hold tons of stuff. I used to have this rack in the closet of my old craft room and believe me I had that baby loaded down. I did notice one of the welds had broken at the bottom. I think I'll be kinder to it now and not load it down so much. Hum.... what to save....hoard? I mean.. I've got what... six bucks in it. I just love it and couldn't part with it. I've got the red fabric covers held up with binder clips and curtain hooks. I didn't finish the edges because I'm not sure I like all the red. I may go to unbleached sheeting and see how I like that.

Now you see the rest of the story. The shelves are holding a lot of the things that were in the closet and on shelves of my old craft room. I've still got some things missing. (Going crazy looking for them too.) More recycling is here. My hubby picked up these whopper sized onion crates at a grocery store. They are strong and slide out like a drawer. They have a cute printed label on the ends that say "Oso Sweet" with a mountain scene. You may be able to click for a larger view. I just love these crates. I also have two under the computer table. I've got them flipped over so I can sit things on them until I can figure out some other type of storage. I love recycling or re-purposing things so crates have been a staple in my craft rooms for many years. I have four cantaloupe crates serving as shelves sitting under a window now. (Next to the fabric file cabinet.) I don't think my organizing is very "organized" but it's a work in process.

We'll see how it goes. I like the shelves covered, but I like easy access too.
Well... I know I'm a lazy blogger but I just do whatever I feel like doing. I am spoiled ya know!I've got lots more to share but it's time to stamp while I have the energy. (I could use some chocolate about right now!)
Better go before my computer freezes up. (Happens all the time now.)
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a great day!


Tosha Jupiter said...

I love the green door! Hope all is well. Miss ya.

linknblogs said...

I completely agree with the decision to paint the front door. I also love that you left the panels and window trim painted white. They serve to highlight not only the door, but also the house. It's all about the little details and bolder paint choices. Great work! Thank you for sharing!

Rebecca said...

I like your green door. It looks so welcoming and cheery ;)

Your shelving system looks great. I'm sure you are stamping the days away now!

Trena in Naperville said...

It looks great! I really dig the flowers out in front. :o)
Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!