Sunday, September 6, 2009

Snippets of the present

Now... take a look at my sweet little "old craft room." This is a view from the door. As you can see.. the walls don't have much on them. I can't bring myself to make new nail holes. Scarlett and I did hang a painting she made just for the room. It's hanging to the left above the side of the bed. She was so sweet and enjoyed painting it so much!
The antique Singer sewing machine (circa 1927) is a precious gift my mother gave me last year. My father refinished it back in the '70s. He had it sewing like a dream. It still has the belt on it that my dad bought for it. It's just stretched out and I haven't taken the time to buy another one. The machine is in beautiful shape and would sew (I think) if I just replaced the belt. (Project for another day.) Just to the right in the photo is a side view of another treasure my mother gave me. It was my grandmother's dresser/make-up stand. My mother has had it for only a few years and she knew I loved it. She surprised me by giving it to me last year. Both items hold a special place in my heart and now in my home.
I was looking for a peaceful design. I usually go for 'real country' but this time it's a mild version of something... I don't really know what it is.

The sweet dresser has a very heavy slab of marble on the top. It's not attached... it just sits there. It's just beautiful. The mirror has cardboard on the back and is still in pretty good shape. My mother thinks it's from the 1950's but she's not sure.
The bed is new and sure looks dark in the photo. It is a sleigh bed with an Espresso color finish on it. The bedding is dark brown micro suede type fabric. I just love to touch it. geeze.... The sheets have a khaki, light and dark tan and blue design it them. They look so good with the brown comforter. I found the blue pillow at Wal-Mart and it matched the design on the sheets. The curtains match better in person than they do in the picture but I guess that's life. I didn't make them. They were cute and I was tired. (That's life too!)

I did just make the curtains for the closet. Made them too short so I went back and added a dark brown fabric panel to the bottom. I also did this cool zig-zag stitch across both panels that mimics what is on the comforter. It sorta goes in a wave shape but you can't tell it in the photo. Geeze... (that's life too!)

Okay... hubby is hungry for lunch so I guess that's my call to 'feed my man.' He's good to this old gal... guess I better throw some burgers on the grill.
Hope you enjoyed the snippets of the past and present. How do you think I did on the walls?
Thanks again for hanging in there with me on such a long post.
have a great day too!


Trena in Naperville said...

Hey Debbie,
Your former craft room looks cozy! Your guest will enjoy the room. :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Denise said...

Hi, This is your sis.I just read your blog.Your room looks great. I know you can,t wait for our mother to see this room. It brought tears to my eyes because mom loves those pieces of furiture. I,m glad you have them.You are so smart and I love having you for a sister. Miss you all , Denise