Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Day 4 tag of Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

So here's my Day 4 tag of Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas. How do you like it? It wasn't as hard as I was expecting. I had to do some serious substituting for things Tim used that I didn't have.
That's been the fun part of this project to me. Going through my 'stash' of goodies and seeing what I haven't looked at in a while.
I used an assortment of different stamps for the background. On some of the stamps I just colored in the portion with markers that I wanted to use. Isn't that neat? I've always heard of doing that, I just never tried it. It makes you look at your stamps in a whole new way.
The large pin holding the framed wreath was bright silver before I colored it with my Copic markers (after I did some sanding on it.) I wanted to take away the shine of the silver so I could get a dull bronze finish. Maybe it looks okay. The little star was a silver charm and I also colored it with a Copic marker. Gotta love those alcohol markers. Just give it a few minutes and it's dry.
Hang in there with me... I've got tag 5 coming up next. WOO-HOO!

As always, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visiting my blog.

Have a great evening!


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