Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dream Craft House update

Yesterday was Day 5 on the craft house and was a wash-out due to rain. Oh well... they did have some lumber delivered.

Now.... today is Day 6 and Saturday, and the builder and one worker-bee started bright and early, (7 a.m.) putting up the wood panels on the outer walls. Woo-hoo! They are trying to get work done while it's not too hot outside. It was mid-60's this morning. Perfect day!
(Pix will follow after worker-bees leave.)

Scarlett and I worked for four hours in my craft room going through old stuff to see what can be thrown away. It was a very painful experience I must say. I had a VERY hard time parting with some of the things that I've hoarded for a few years now. No tools or things like that. Just containers I was saving for future projects, or maybe a ton of old labels and rolls of paper. Some of these items were from where I used to work.

I worked 26 years for a large volume printing company that would throw away tons of paper after a print job was over. Back then the company printed a lot of clothing, furniture and all types of tags that you see hanging on products in the store. We always had some cool paper left over from the jobs. If I was lucky, the paper-mover (a sweet man) would save it for me. Then I'd get it cut to 8.5x11 or 7x10 and share it with other stampers in the office. Us girls had a stash to die for. We were very fortunate that our bosses didn't care that we recycled the paper for our own use.

Then I was extra lucky in that the sales reps for the paper companies would give me their expired "sample" boxes of paper. Oh me... these had the coolest colors and textures that you'd ever want. So I would share that with all my stamping buddies. We were a spoiled lot of girls. Needless to say, I still have a LOT of this paper. Most of it is acid free and kept out light as much as possible. I did part with some of the old label material I had. I've even donated tons of it to the school my granddaughter goes to, daycare centers and friends that want to start stamping.

So sorry to digress.... geeze... just thought I'd give you some "background story" reading material. Probably not too interesting huh?

Also yesterday, Scarlett and I covered two cork boards with fabric to use in the new craft house. They each turned out beautiful. We hung our latest cards on them. I'll show pix of those later. I didn't even feel good yesterday and the last few days, just super tired. I forged ahead with my high-energy granddaughter and got a lot done.

Stay tuned for craft house pix later today. WOO-HOO! (I just have to do that!)

have a great weekend and again... Thanks for visiting!


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