Monday, June 29, 2009

Dream Craft House Inside Update

See the cute flowers in the old rusty milk can. I've had that milk can for maybe 20 years. It's so heavy, it's hard to move around. Yeah... check out that cable wire going across the front. The cable guy came today and ran that line to hook up my computer. I love having the computer in the craft house now.

I hope you're ready for a visit inside my craft house. I've been busy making curtains today and hanging them on the curtain rods that took me forever to put up. I'm getting pretty good at using a cordless drill.
Here ya go... come on it and see what I've done today. This is the computer center just to the left of the entrance. The red skirt is what I made yesterday.
This is just a different view of the computer center. My Cricut Expression is on the left of the table. I wanted it close to the computer so I can use the Design software that can be used with the Cricut. (That's a whole other story.) Let's put it this way.... I don't know how to use it very well, but I'm learning.Next picture is just panning from the left on around the room. The metal file cabinet was a great find for $20 at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. The antique sewing machine is from a friend who is another 'great find.' (Thanks Deirdre!)
This wonderful spot is my fun zone! There's the $30 desk from the Re-Store. This is Scarlett's fun zone. She's got a bunch of beautiful cards to hang on her bulletin board. She doesn't know the refrigerator is in here. It's a gift from some dear friends. It's holding some bottled water for now. (Thanks Jim and Rita!)
Okay.. I've taken you in a full circle around the room. What do you think about it? Don't you think it's just a cool creative space? I know I'm ready to start stamping. How do you like that skirt around the center work table? Can you see the little curtain rods that hold the skirts? They were just about $3 each.
Okay... one more view. This is from my desk looking at the television and the door. (Yep... I really hung that television up myself.) No easy task but I figured it out.
Now... what do you think of my wonky curtains? There was no sewing involved. I was just too tired to sew anything else. It's about three yards just draped over the rod. Looks okay to me. I bought way too much red fabric so I thought this would be a good way to use it up.

I sure hope you've enjoyed the tour. The next journey has just begun. I feel my mojo calling out.... it's saying "It's crafting time!"
Thanks so much to everyone that has shown an interest in my journey. Stay with me and you'll see what happens next.
Thanks for visiting and have a great night!


Rebecca said...

Your craft house is beautiful! I love the flower pot on your porch, and you have made the inside so inviting. What a great way to spend time crafting, and time with your gd.

It's funny, I found your blog from someone on a forum that said they liked your blog background. so I came to check it out, and when I saw your craft house, I just had to stay and look at your pictures! It's been neat to see your creative space take shape.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, how wonderful! Your own little house just for crafting...a dream, for sure! You've got it fixed up so cute. I love the red curtains! It was fun to watch it develop!