Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dream Craft House

Dream Craft House

Wow… I know I’ve been away too long. I’m getting back on the blogging train and hope to write about a dream come true.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to get to have a craft house built in our backyard. It’s something I’ve dreamed of for many, many years. I really never thought we’d be building a little house (more like a room) so I’m just on cloud nine right now. I do thank God everyday for the many blessings that are in my life.

So… check out the pix and you’ll see my backyard before the digging started. Yep… we have a pretty small back yard with a steep hill at the back of it. Hey, I’ll take it where I can get it! Just after three days we’ve got the foundation and sub-floor (if that’s what it’s called). We’ve had so much rain for the past month, I don’t want another drought, but I do hope the guys can have more dry days so they can work.

I’ll do my best to keep a record of how things are coming along including the move-in. Phew… that will be a job. I’ve got a room that’s busting at the seams with stuff, so I’ve got to do some major cleaning out and see if I can part with anything.

I jumped the gun and bought two desks, a work table, and a wide file cabinet from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at wonderful prices, but I bought them three weeks ago. Geeze… they’re under my carport just waiting for their new home. One desk is for my granddaughter and one for me. She and I painted the top of the work table white.

My granddaughter has been busy drawing floor plans where she thinks everything should go. She’s a hoot and having a great time watching the progress. She’s in the photos and loves posing for the camera.

I hope you’ll enjoy going along on the journey of a dream-come-true in my life. If you’ve got any ideas about organization please send them my way. I’m just so confused about what I want… shelves or cabinets or carts… oh my! I really don’t know what I should do.
If you’ve read this far you’re just the best… and I truly appreciate it.

Now stay tuned for some pix of my recent stamping adventures!



Trena in Naperville said...

Debbie! This is great!! I'm so excited for you woman!! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. I totally understand about getting your "stuff" to go in the room now. :o) Sounds like you are getting good deals and building your dream with your granddaughter - how beautiful!!


Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

KYCrafter said...

Debbie - Can't wait to see where your journey takes you. I'm so excited for you! As far as organization, and shelves, cabinets, or carts ... If I had a chance to pick out anything, I'd pick out shelves and/or cabinets with some sort of clear/glass/acrylic doors/fronts. That way you can see what you have. I have BUNCHES of carts and can't see what's in them. I have them labeled, but it's just not the same as being able to see what's in there without opening and pawing through stuff. I have some shelves in front of my workspace. They're just those tracks with brackets that you can put the shelf on. I have the stuff I most use right in front of me - in plain sight - and it's great. Be shure to keep us updated on the dream craft house. Lisa - Sunday International Design Team member

Henrietta said...

Hi Debbie:
Shannon told me about your dream house and I must say that I am very happy for you. I cannot wait to see it when I come down later this year. I will check back on the progress and I hope the rain holds off for a while. Good luck